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Sugar – The Honeymoon is over! 8

Posted on December 28, 2013 by Lisa

And so the battle begins.

Christmas Day was my last day of indulgence.  The holidays were a very distracting time with temptations abounding. And now it’s time to take up the battle for real.

During the holidays I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with my timing . The holidays are a very hard time to  convert to clean, sugar free eating. It was simply NOT a good time to be expecting to start a revolution of healthful habits.  And so I threw in the towel, vowing to fight the battle on a more fair playing field.  The post-holiday one.

So here we are.  On the battle front.  I must equip myself with the tools of the warrior.

1. Support.  The first thing I did was seek out some online support.  I have leaned on local friends for support in the past, but this time I decided to join an online support group.  Are you interested in finding like-minded people who are trying to lose weight?  Why not try a discussion forum like  Whole30 or Whole9 or Mark’sDailyApple.

2.  Preparing the Battleplan.  The next thing to do was decide on a food and exercise plan that was reasonable.  For me “all or nothing” is what works.  So, I decided to go cold turkey on diet.  Which means: NO Sugar, NO Wheat, NO white carbs, very little Dairy. Lots of Vegetables, Healthy Fat, Protien, and Water.  A little reading materials is always good, and a book like Intro to Paleo is a good reminder of the game plan.intro to paleo book

3.  Clearing the Path.  The hardest thing to do was purge my pantry.  I had to give away and throw away all of the potential temptation in my kitchen.  This meant giving away nearly a kilgram of Chipits that I didn’t use up when baking Christmas gifts for my SAD (standard american diet) friends.   I hadn’t used them up, but I was certainly enjoying eating them by the handful with a spoonful of peanut butter…oh the temptation.

4.  Enlist a Positive Mental Attitude.  I had to decide that I would be successful and believe it.  This was a matter of reminding myself that I have done this before, that I WANT to do it , and that I will be feeling and looking much better in as little as 10 days.

5.  Commit.  The last ingredient was actually starting to follow the plan.  So on Boxing Day I began.

So far I am victorious!  I now have 2 full days of clean eating under my belt.  I am committed to 30 days for now. By the end of today, day 3, I will be 10% of the way there.  Baby steps.

My overall goal is not to do this for 30 days, but rather to resume doing it as a lifestyle.  But making changes for a lifetime can seem daunting.  30 days is much more manageable.  At the end of the 30 I will be in a better position to see the next 30 and the next year, and then on from there!


Sugar Addiction. Friends Don’t Get It. 0

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Lisa

It’s a funny thing, sugar addiction.

It’s very real.  And very hard to control.  Everywhere you look there is an opportunity to eat sugar.  Especially this time of year.

And it’s funny how pushy people are about food.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed it or not, but people want you to eat with them, and they want you to eat the same kinds and amounts of things that they are eating.  So, when friends are eating sweet treats, they want you to eat them too.

If someone says they are a diabetic, no one tries to make them eat the pie.  If someone says they have celiac disease, no one tries to make them eat bread.  If someone is lactose intolerant no one tries to push dairy on them.

But if you tell them you’re addicted to sugar, do you know what they do?

They laugh.

And then they say, ” just have a little bit, it will be fine.”

And it will not be fine. It will just open up the flood gates.  And if you try to explain that to them, they look at you like you’ve taken a crazy pill.

“Come on, you eat sugar all the time, I’ve seen you!  And you just told me that you’ve been eating it ever since Halloween, so why not just have this little brownie?”

And so, I politely declined.   And then later at home, I had 3 shortbread cookies and some cookie bark.  (sigh, I did some Christmas baking to give as gifts and it is still at my house.)


Sugar. I need help. 2

Posted on December 19, 2013 by Lisa

Admittedly I am a sugar addict.

This is no joke.  For a good amount of time I had control over my relationship with sugar.

…And then it was Halloween.  And there was sugar in my house.  Tiny little sweet delicious bits of sugar wrapped in attractive wrapping with things like “Wunderbar,”  “Caramilk,” and “Snickers” written on them.  Do I have a favorite kind of chocolate bar?  No.  I have about 10 favorites.  Those are the top 3.

I live with 2 small people who enjoy the tradition of dressing up in costume and canvassing the neighborhood for delicious treats.  And they brought in a very suitable haul this year.

These small people are not sugar addicts.  How do I know this?  I know because they can eat a tiny snack size chocolate bar and then stop.

If I eat chocolate, it simply wakes up the voice in my head that directs my hands to find more sugar and ingest it.

Well, now it’s December 19th.  And I have not been in control of that voice since November 1st.  I am sorry to report that I have tried on at least 4 occasions to break the cycle and have been unsuccessful each time.

I was able to stop eating sugar for a day or 2, but then:  boom.  Sugar in my mouth again.

So, I’m going to pull out all the stops now, starting by publicly admitting that I have this problem.

Can any of you make suggestions about how I can conquer this problem?  Please, please offer them to me!



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