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I’ve been looking on the web for information about eating Primal or Paleo.  And yes, there is a difference.  Primal has a more real world approach to the same philosophy.  Many, many people have had tremendous success by following this lifestyle.  It doesn’t involve lots of sweaty workouts and you don’t have to count your food points or calories.  It’s a lifestyle.

A good friend of mine sent me some information so I could further educate myself on this lifestyle. (Thanks R!)  Included in the info was a strong recommendation to visit Mark’

Mark’s Daily Apple  by Mark Sisson has a bazillion pages of information about why and how to improve your health by eliminating grains and refined sugars from your regular diet.  Check it out!  The image below links to his article on how to succeed with the primal blueprint.  (Oh, and there are lots of delicious recipes there to check out as well!)

Where are you on the curve? Click the image for more info.

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