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by Lisa

Have you ever noticed that the more you win, the more you win?  No, that’s not a typo. And the

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by Lisa

Listen to this beautiful inspirational podcast presented by Abraham Hicks and then scroll down to read my thoughts on it.  The

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by Lisa

Week 2 was easier than week 1. This week I had a good idea about some good go-to low points

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berries and cream
by Lisa

This was quite an experience. I tracked every single thing I ate.  I stayed within the allotted points for the

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by Lisa

So, in my continual battle to maintain a svelte and fit physique I have resigned myself to needing external motivators

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read aloud handbook
by Lisa

There’s nothing like snuggling up together to enjoy a good book.  The trouble is that sometimes it’s hard to choose

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intro to paleo
by Lisa

And so the battle begins. Christmas Day was my last day of indulgence.  The holidays were a very distracting time

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paleo desserts cook book
by Lisa

It’s a funny thing, sugar addiction. It’s very real.  And very hard to control.  Everywhere you look there is an

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